Women, Spirit and Business

About Women, Spirit and Business


We hold the feminine. We are beautiful and sensitive, powerful and empathetic. We are the change makers, creatives of all kinds, the weavers of a brighter future planet and people. We believe that when we come together to collaborate and support each other rather than compete, we strengthen our communities and supercharge our enterprises at the same time.


We hold space for the divine in all of its forms and faiths. We remain open to the magic of the Universe. The divine mysteries of energy and consciousness inform and uplift us. We create avenues in our lives for the unknown to surprise us, and we delight in synchronicities. We are healers and lightworkers. Astrology buffs and card-reading divinators. Meditators and yoga queens. We see the world in great need, so we feel called in our hearts to share our individual gifts for the benefit of others.


The old paradigm is dying; hierarchies of male power are obsolete. We invent our own definitions of success. We share our knowledge and craft lasting relationships built on vulnerability and trust. We are lone-wolf entrepreneurs and seasoned experts. We are curious and assertive without apology. And we are finding ways to connect and support each other’s dreams despite the stress and uncertainty in the world.

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