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Women, Spirit and Business

We hope you will join our community of women across the globe. We meet once a week to support each other and network. Many referrals come from our weekly meetings, and our Women, Spirit and Business Networking Circle, is a wonderful opportunity to grow your business, with an incredible group of women.

We have two types of Memberships:

General Membership


Our General Membership, $57 a month, is a great way to attend all our meetings, and take advantage of our Friday Networking Circles with phenomenal presenters, who present on a range of topics from: Starting a Business, Building an Online Business, and also many self-care workshops. Most presenters offer free gifts, and all members can take advantage of these complimentary offers. 
The General Membership is a great option, if you are just starting your business, or if you are unclear what your business will be, or even if you will start your own business. Many women attend the networking circles and are inspired by the supportive atmosphere, and the genuine encouragement they receive.
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VIP Memberships


  • Our VIP Membership, $97 a month, is a wonderful way to grow your business, as VIP Members are highlighted each week in our Friday Networking Circles.
  • VIP Members are encouraged to take the time to tell us about  their  businesses, and any upcoming offerings they have. VIP Members are also featured on our website.
  • We encourage VIP Membership to women who have established businesses, or are actively looking at growing their cliental and audience.
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All Memberships can be downgraded, upgraded, or cancelled at any time.

We really hope you become a member of Women, Spirit and Business, and join our exceptional community of business women, entrepreneurs, healers, artists and creatives.